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Dolomiti di Brenta TrailAn appointment not to be missed!
A great trail all over the Brenta Dolomites, among the most beautiful mountains in the world and, not by chance, UNESCO World Heritage.

An incredible journey leading from Lake Molveno to Cima S. Maria and Cima di Campa, from where you will reach the Pass Grostè walking along the central part of the Brenta chain (at the foothills of the well known Cima Brenta, Crozzon di Brenta, Cima Tosa, Campanil Basso and many others). Passing through the Bocca di Brenta, you will start the way taking you back to Lake Molveno.  There, you can have a break in the warm atmosphere of one the many mountain refuges and huts.

Dolomiti di Brenta TrailDuring the trail, you will be completely autonomous, i.e. you have to learn and know the trail very well in order to be able to complete it (indications will be minimal). You also have to consider your physical condition before starting such a long trail, being sure of having the capacity to face all possible difficulties. Everyone is  responsible for himself.

 Soon, the official trail map will be published, as well as the max. number of participants accepted.
A “non-race” to discover a true paradise together in a relaxed atmosphere! We are proud of our mountains, most of all of our Brenta, and hope to share its incredible beauty with a lot of friends!

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Dolomiti di Brenta Trail


Click here to see a detailed description of the route (italian language)


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